[mythtv] New thetvdb.com query engine (grabber)

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 04:25:03 UTC 2009


2009/2/9 Robert McNamara <robert.mcnamara at gmail.com>:
>> And it could have been a drop-in replacement for more than just one program.
> No, it would require two very different implementations with very
> little shared code.

I disagree there ...
There are few entries used by find_meta in imdbpy ...

I think everyone would benefit if some kind of standard were provided
for those creating grabbers ...

I'll look to see what I can do to make this grabber compatible with find_meta...

The advantage being that hopefully this grabber will be politically
correct and will stay :)

> So... you *do* want him to rewrite it in a manner you can use?

I can always ask isn't it ? :)

> Yes.  Really.  Do you disagree with my explanation?

I do not, but you were explaining something already very obvious to me ...

> Actually, my argument is predicated on the fact that doing the work
> properly *once* will make further command line batch implementations
> unnecessary.  In fact, if the effort being devoted to trying to
> continue to use existing hacky tools that are likely to be removed by
> .22 was devoted to doing the work properly, it would likely all be

Sure, but in the mean time, it's not there and it won't work with
0.21.. While all the stuff I've worked on work in both.
In particular my mods on the python mythtv bindings, none of those are
incompatible with your goals of a greater, more intuitive and friendly

> done in time for .22.  For the pirating file squirrels, the proper
> implementation is even *easier* than batch update scripts, as it would
> handle *all* processing automatically without even *needing* to run a
> script.  Everybody wins, even the thieves!

OT: copyright infringement is just that, it is not theft.

> I'll try to put this in a manner that doesn't seem offensive to you.
> You come across as feeling persecuted by people when you don't get
> your way.  I've kept my nose out of the whole VDPAU backports issue,
> and the various other things you have mentioned here so far.  Nobody
> has tried to persecute you, or ignore you-- My *personal* belief is
> that VDPAU backports are a horrifically bad idea, and we have already
> seen people on Freenode asking for help about them.

Of the bugs I've seen reported so far on the 0.21 backports, they
exist on trunk version too...
So you could say that in many ways those patches have helped improving trunk...

As to not being ignored, well maybe that's the case and I'm being
paranoid about it, but the fact of the matter is.
I haven't got many answers so far.

I can understand why some people might be upset (like how I screwed up
with one of my patch helping work with torrent name)

One particular example is a post by Isaac asking if the person was
using the "incomplete" (half-baked, is I think the word used)
I would have loved to know what was incomplete in that patch...

Like most, I do have pride in the job I do.. And I don't believe I
ever submitted stuff that were buggy or half-baked.

>  When your ticket was closed, you appealed to the users list about it, which resulted in
> a discussion calling the devs all sorts of despotic, fascist, nasty
> names.  So let's call that history.  When I tried to modify this

Hum.. not really.. It's the other-way round

I first mentioned my patch in the user list asking them not to bother
the dev nor raise issues about it (because I kinda knew how dev was
going to react). People on mythtv-user suggested that I created a
ticket instead so it would be easier to track changes.
Which I then did.

It's only after the ticket got created then closed that I asked in
mythtv-dev why it had been closed so quickly without explanation.

Then the discussion continued on its own path in mythtv-user.

I didn't do like you write, went complaining/whining/whatever in the user list.

> path that has worked well for me and others-- you get to know the
> maintainer of the module you want to work on, and feel out where they

Is there information somewhere as to whom is responsible for what ?
You may know all of this, but I don't

I see some of my tickets being assigned to a person, but they are like
3 lettres person.. Hard to know who that is.

> intend to go with it, then you assist in that as best you can.  I've
> gotten a non-trivial number of patches applied by being amenable to
> what the maintainer's goals were, and I've seen a fair amount of
> functionality I wanted added for me because I was in the right place
> (and in the right frame of mind) to suggest a way I would like to see
> things done and ask if the maintainer was amenable to it.  If you feel
> you're on the ignore list, and want to get off of it, it starts with
> coming to things from a position where you acknowledge that you don't
> get to decide how things are done at first.  Then, over time, you can

I understand what you are saying...

For my defence, I don't think I ever came from a position where I
decided how things were done.
I've always started from something already existing and that was doing
things in a particular way.
I never changed the behaviour or how things was done. Only submitted fixes.

> influence the way things go.  Then, after a bit of that, you get to
> take on larger tasks of your choice and make the case for them to be
> done your way.  It works well and you make friends doing it.

cool do we all have a beer after ? :)

Thank you for your answers, very informative


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