[mythtv] Mythtv Bug 4989

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Thu Feb 5 12:56:35 UTC 2009

Jelle De Loecker wrote:
> Dear sir,
> I'm sorry you thought it was necesary to lock bug 4989, I would like to 
> further explain:
> I have not demanded anywhere somebody should do all the work for me.
> (I think it speaks for itself that a dev has to be able to choose what 
> bug he wants to fix.)
> I do not mind that they choose to ignore a bug because they're not able 
> to work on it, especially this one since it apparently concerns so few 
> users.
> But closing the bug is more like saying "your problem does not exist"

Yeah, I do sympathise with your view. I too can understand the bug never
getting fixed, but there seems to be a sort of strange pride in ignoring
it. :-)

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