[mythtv] Questions on #6138 (HDHomeRun multirec)

Bill Cizek cizek at rcn.com
Wed Feb 4 17:21:05 UTC 2009

> I don't know how much Daniel has looked at the patches yet, but
> could you do 2 things to the recstats patch to recuce normal
> logging and reduce load on systems when logging is turned off.
> Just a few minor tweaks to recstats, I haven't looked over the
> other patches yet:
> This will apply in most cases to all of your patches.
> - Turn the more frequently called "VERBOSE(VB_GENERAL" to
> This will only display those status messages if people specify
> "-v record,extra" on the command line. I haven't applied the
> patch yet, but it looks like some would be printed fairly often,
> if not, ignore me on this. :)
> - Wrap your _stream_handler->GetStats() calls and subsequent data
> usage in an "if ((print_verbose_messages & (VB_RECORD+VB_EXTRA)) != 0)".
> That will eliminate calls to GetStats() and hence
> hdhomerun_video_get_stats() when the user is not running with
> "-v record,extra". I/someone really should make a macro for checking
> verbose levels like this, perhaps "if 
> as a hint for anyone looking for a patch idea. :)
> -- 
> Chris 
If necessary, I'll change it Chris, but I think you're misreading this 
and it's impact:

The GetStats() calls are made only at the start and end of a recording; 
as such
these should cause minimal impact on performance and load.

The log printouts ("HDHR Stats: pkts=..." and "DVB Stats: pkts=...") are 
printed only
at the end of the recording and provide a concise summary of the data 
    HDHRRec(31): HDHR Stats: pkts=587686 hwm=33 KB Errors: net=0 
trnsprt=0 seq=0 ovflow=0
    DVBRec(12:0): DVB Stats: pkts=24679597 hwm=420 KB Errors: trnsprt=0 

The reason I made these VB_GENERAL is because VB_RECORD spits a slew of 
messages which are useful for debugging a known problem but less useful 
for day to day usage.
The Stats outputs are one-liners which are useful if something goes 
wrong and you want
to look back to see what happened.

In any case, this patch is completely separate from the multirec 
If you guys deem it necessary I'll make the appropriate changes. The other
patches should be pretty clean.


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