[mythtv] Questions on #6138 (HDHomeRun multirec)

Bill Cizek cizek at rcn.com
Wed Feb 4 04:55:12 UTC 2009

>  Bill, 
> I have a couple of questions on your ticket providing multirec patches 
> for the HDHomeRun. I also use -fixes. 
> * I'm not 100% clear on which patches to apply. You mention three in 
>   the initial ticket but a fourth shows up later. I presume we are to 
>   use the latest versions of 132, 133, 134, and 135? 
> * You mention a risk to the database. I know that's a theoretical risk 
>   with any patch and I'm not afraid of potentially destroying my 
>   database, as I'd do a backup just before trying your patches out, 
>   and have an automated-backup system. Even if the patch is 100% fine, 
>   though, I would not want to alter the database in a way that would 
>   prevent an upgrade to 0.22, though. Is that something I should be 
>   aware of? I didn't see anything in the code about protocol changes, 
>   so I don't think so, but would like to make sure. 

Yeechang / Joel:

I added some tips to the ticket on using my patches.

There really isn't much risk to the database -- the only changes are to 
the data in the card setup tables. AFAIK the only issue with moving to 
.22 is that you'd have to delete and reconfigure your cards.

The bigger risk is that something goes wrong and you miss a recording or 
the backend crashes, but this has been pretty reliable for me. The only 
crash I had was a week ago and is fixed in my latest patch.

Let me know how it works.


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