[mythtv] Mythweb translations...

Nicolas Riendeau knight at teksavvy.com
Wed Dec 30 01:47:17 UTC 2009

Hi Mike!

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> Not sure what you're trying to do, but in the MythTV code, when we use a 
> value (such as "Default") in the database we translate only for 

Translate what has not been translated in Mythweb weather settings and display screens...

My problems is with the 'Current Conditions', 'Three Day Forecast', 'Six Day 
Forecast', 'Static Map', 'Animated Map', 'Severe Weather Alerts' and '18 Hour 
Forecast' labels which are not in the lang files since they are never enclosed 
between "t()" or "tn()" anywhere. The only place where they are declared would AFAIK 
make them end up in the database if I try to translate them there.

I could "cheat"  by replacing the following echo:

<h2><?php echo $screen->container ?></h2>


<h2><?php echo t('Six Day Forecast') ?></h2>

for example in weather.6d.php

though I have a feeling it was done that way to make the screen more generic (I 
believe I even read something to that effect though I can't seem to find where I read 
that) so that it could be used for showing a smaller number of days and the title 
would be changed accordingly.

I guess my "best bet" would probably be to make a getScreenTitle(containerName) 
similar to the one in weatherUtils.cpp. That would translate between what is stored 
in the database and what is actually displayed...

> display.  So, you should be able to use t() or whatever only for 
> displaying the value.  And since, TTBOMK, HTML allows differentiation 
> between labels and values for everything but command buttons, you should 
> be able to deal with any situation by differentiation between (display) 
> labels and (non-display/non-translated) values.

I'm already doing this but the part of the code that does the lists (in the settings 
screen) or the display is dynamic so it  is not the actual name of the label that 
ends up enclosed by "t()" but an element in a list or a structure so it, as expected, 
doesn't get extracted by build_translations.pl .

Thank you very much for your help and happy holidays!


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