[mythtv] Mythweb translations...

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Dec 30 00:44:26 UTC 2009

On 12/29/2009 03:58 PM, Nicolas Riendeau wrote:
> I was wondering if there was a (clever) way to have a string extracted 
> for translation for MythWeb.
> I know that strings between t() and tn() are extracted but my problem 
> is that I can't   put that around the strings I want to translate 
> because they would end up being stored in the database which is 
> something which would end up causing problems.
> Short of writing some dummy function that refers to these strings 
> enclosed in "t()" or something similar is there anything else I could do?
> The only other solution I have come up with so far makes some code 
> less generic than I would want to (not that this generic aspect is 
> currently used though...).
> Any ideas?
> Thank you and happy holidays! 

Not sure what you're trying to do, but in the MythTV code, when we use a 
value (such as "Default") in the database we translate only for 
display.  So, you should be able to use t() or whatever only for 
displaying the value.  And since, TTBOMK, HTML allows differentiation 
between labels and values for everything but command buttons, you should 
be able to deal with any situation by differentiation between (display) 
labels and (non-display/non-translated) values.


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