[mythtv] (no subject)

Damian O'Sullivan shabba at skynet.ie
Mon Sep 29 08:19:43 UTC 2008

Apologies if this should be in users but I wanted to ask some Qs about the 
new mythvideo.

I svn'ed up to the lastest HEAD yesterday eager to try the new mythvideo. 
I have to change my theme (no biggie) but now mythvideo (indirectly I 
would assume) hangs my machine. After about 3 mins of trying to load it 
the machine locks hard and the only way out is a reset. -v all shows 
notthing except a CDROM access error every .5 second but does this all the 
time. Even before mythvideo is started. I see the same behaviour in 
videomanager too.

My question is what is being dome differently now so I can try and triage 
what is going on. I changed to the regular NV driver to rule out the 
propritery one for the hang and also changed my painter to QT. I was 
looking in /proc/<PID> at the open FDs for the little bit of time while 
the computer was responsive and it seemed it was trying to open all my 
cover files. I have maybe a 1000 videos or more so I guess this could take 
a while.

Has anyone any ideas where I should look to start diagnosing this? Thanks,

Damian O'Sullivan  Tel: 087 2241456    damian at linux.ie

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