[mythtv] New Protocol Development

Glenn subscribe at clubpoint.net
Fri Sep 26 03:36:07 UTC 2008

I'm glad to see some discussion happening about the protocol, despite some

I should clarify that I'm not against an XML-based "control" protocol,
however me mentioning that an XML based protocol might be too "heavy"
(probably a bad choice of words now I think about it too) was based on
some old discussions within the mailinglist, and not my own personal

I would like to see the protocol not require parsing any SQL statements
myself, but instead providing all features in a remote function calling
type of arrangement. The current mythtv protocol does in fact seem to
provide this sort of arrangement as it stands, just not with all the
features you'd typically expect, and certainly not with things such as a
program guide.

An XML-based system would also solve the problems of new protcol versions,
as new features/fields being added would not break any existing frontends
(once the XML method is in use).

I'll try and allocate some more time over the next few days to sit and
think about it a little more. Sorry if I sound like I'm rambling at the
moment, been a busy few days for me.

> I tend to agree with this as well only as I think it might simplify 3rd
> party development by eliminating the requirement for a SQL client.  It
> hasn't been much of a goal/priority for Issac given the future possibility
> of a different SQLish database for MythTV so I understand the lack of
> forward progress there.
> Kevin

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