[mythtv] Mythvideo Status please [Stuart]

Bill Stewart wstewart at hgrace.com
Tue Sep 23 04:19:09 UTC 2008

Thanks Stuart for the update.  I've looked over the code and it is a great improvement merging the various view methods together, much easier now to add new features.

Is anyone working on a coverflow like UI?  Just curious.  Saw the concept pictures, looks great.

I have a few things I have in mind. Ultimately I want to see mythvideo improved for browsing large collections.  To be honest I am flip flopping a bit, back and forth between improving mythtv and using some other existing software such as Meedio or Mediaportal.  Usually I come around to where myth is superior in other ways...

I've posted to the thread "Re: Proposed work on MythVideo - Re-tool video-manager forlarge libraries, Add the concept of a 'series' ",   to see if there was any progress there.  There was no response from the original poster.  In any case I think that tagging is more complex than is needed.  Some simple changes would improve things a lot I think.  

My initial ideas are
- add categorymetadata table so that videos can belong to multiple categories.  This I think accomplishes what the tagging threads were after
- add "DateAdded" and "DateLastViewed" field be added to videometadata  and the coresponding filters (Recently Added and Not watched / not recently watched / watched) and ui options to display icons for these.

Later ideas are
- handling of tv series by adding tv_series flag, season, episode to videometadata or some other table.  I would like it to make use of online data from http://www.thetvdb.com/. I see here that videos would be viewed separately from tv series as is done in most other media center software.
- search capability
- Ability to skip by pressing a letter, ie press B skip to the movies starting with B, eventually a UI alphabit to be usable from a remote instead of keyboard
- other UI improvements that I haven't completely formulated

Lot ideas but not a lot of time to do them.  First things first, need to upgrade to trunk which will be quite the effort in itself since I have many patches of my own (some in unincorporated tickets) that will need to be updated at the same time.  All this without disturbing by wife or daughters usage of the system.

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