[mythtv] qmake weirdness on Leopard (OSX 10.5)

David Snider dsnider at thesniderpad.com
Sun Sep 14 20:30:20 UTC 2008

    I can compile the release-21-fixes branch just fine on OSX 10.5.  
What's weird is that when compiling trunk, I get qmake errors.   When 
running the straight osx-packager.pl script I get the following error:

qmake for Qt4 not found. Please specify the correct qmake with --qmake=

To troubleshoot, I edited configure around line 1959 to see the output 
of qmake.  The modified configure script looks like this:

set -x


*    $1 --version #Added line*

    $1 --version 2>&1 | grep "Qt version 4"


Now, when I re-run the osx-packager.pl script with -nohead  (to preserve 
my edited copy of the configure script) ' 
./trunk/mythtv/contrib/OSX/build/osx-packager.pl -nohead -verbose 
-plugins ALL -clean -enable-backend -enable-jobtools' I see:

[osx-pkg] ./configure --prefix=/nobackup/trunk/.osx-packager/build --runtime-prefix=../Resources --qmake=/nobackup/trunk/.osx-packager/build/bin/qmake --enable-backend --disable-distcc

+ is_qmake4 /nobackup/trunk/.osx-packager/build/bin/qmake

+ /nobackup/trunk/.osx-packager/build/bin/qmake --version

*dyld: Symbol not found: __cg_TIFFClientOpen*

*  Referenced from: /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ImageIO.framework/Versions/A/ImageIO*

*  Expected in: /nobackup/trunk/.osx-packager/build/lib/libTIFF.dylib*

./configure: line 1960: 96554 Trace/BPT trap          $1 --version

+ /nobackup/trunk/.osx-packager/build/bin/qmake --version

+ grep 'Qt version 4'

+ is_qmake4 qmake-qt4

+ qmake-qt4 --version

./configure: line 1961: qmake-qt4: command not found

+ qmake-qt4 --version

+ grep 'Qt version 4'

+ die 'qmake for Qt4 not found. Please specify the correct qmake with --qmake='

So, I first thought that there was something wrong with qmake in the 
build, but I ran the qmake binary from my terminal and it works great...
$ /nobackup/trunk/.osx-packager/build/bin/qmake --version
QMake version 2.01a
Using Qt version 4.3.4 in /nobackup/trunk/.osx-packager/build/lib

At this point, I'm wondering if either configure or osx-packager.pl are 
removing something from the environment that qmake needs to run.

Any thoughts?

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