[mythtv] flash?

Eric Sayward admin at wisbin.com
Sat Sep 13 15:04:33 UTC 2008

Hi everyone, My name is Eric Sayward, CEO of Wisbin Internet, I found this LinuxMCE awhile back and fell in love with it. And MythTv being part of it has me interested in the deployment of IPTV, but not in its current form. My big question is what platform was myth developed in?

this question should point me in the right direction, My goal is to build interactive flash/flex aplications which allow you to do more than watch TV, I would like to see opensource flash gaming with interaction with wifi game controllers, I would also lke to port our wisbin vip ( social network ) applications into myth.. 

I visualize webcam chat, buy now buttons, interactive menus that allow you to do more than just stream /audio/video but also information. Imagine a show is talking about nature and certain topics come up such as the rainforest, and you can hit a button that keyword searches rain forest for web browsing the related topics of that show, or commercials where you can click a button to buy the product as you are still watching the commercial.. or being able to take surveys and or vote for things right on the tv. I hate that information is gathered about us so covertly, I would rather just tell them what I think they should know about me and keep the rest private!

Maybe is marketing is based on what we want to see we would not need to see as much advertising.. it would be nice to watch tv with less commercials, and one ones I do have to watch actually being something I might want to buy!

I think every person in the world should be able to create their own tv channel and have the ability to make money with it, pay per view, video on demand, the whole 9. If we can blend flash with myth tv and add these extra features, the sky is the limit!

I want to make this happen, and any help is really apreciated! feel free to contact me admin at wisbin.com -Eric
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