[mythtv] Ticket #5542: win32-packager.pl needs encapsulation of windows paths in " to allow for spaces in path names

buzz davidbuzz at gmail.com
Sat Sep 13 11:33:57 UTC 2008

>  Isn't that a bit short sighted?

Possibly., but you see, this is a developer tool, by developer/s, for

If you are the only one who wants the feature(no-one else commented on the
ticket, and I left it open a long time deliberately), but aren't willing to
put in the effort to learn how to, then clearly it's not THAT important to
you, so it's not that important to me either.

> MythTV on it's on is configured to be
>  compiled in a highly flexible environment, but you seem not to be willing
>  to implement this for the win32 packager to apply to a default windows
>  environment using paths with spaces in filenames, other than installing a
>  second instance of MSys (in the C root or recoding all file paths to 8.3
>  filename styles and the script as well).

Mythtv itself is completely capable of being installed into paths with
spaces in them, it's just the developer tool that isn't perfect.

>  > If that offends you too much, then try using the 8.3 filenaming
>  convention for your directory - al-ah: c:\progra~1\MinGW\

>  Yes it does

I did give you another solution too.

> as I use that environment for other purposes as well , I would
>  think my suggestion would be a welcome addition

Suggestions are the easy part, coding is the hard part.  I have LOTS of
suggestions for the tool too, but they are mostly all still in my head.  :-)

> to make the script more
>  fail proof, it is a pity that you are requiring a patch for every
>  suggestion I try to make as you seem to know the script a lot better than
>  I do.

the reason I know the script more than you is simply because I took the
hundreds of hours out of my own time to write, debug, and improve it ....
including writing very thorough comments inside the script to make it easy
for other people like you to get up to speed much more quickly that I did.

>  > Unless you supply a fully tested patch for witespace support in paths,
>  it's not going to be changed, as the existing quoting mechanisms are
>  already complex enough ( with PERL, DOS, and UNIX path conventions all
>  already being used).
>  I'll see what I can do, but I am limited on time as much as you are I
>  guess.

real life, I guess.

 I would suggest leaving this open for a while to give me time to prepare a
>  patch.

no problem, please feel free to ask for help if anything doesn't make
sense!   there is no such thing as a stupid question, only a stupid
answer.... which I hope mine wasn't.

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