[mythtv] Mythfrontend Telnet X Events

Stuart Auchterlonie stuarta at squashedfrog.net
Fri Sep 12 13:36:42 UTC 2008

Can you submit this patch to trac please?



Yolan wrote:
> I've created this patch based on fixes 18207 that adds support for 
> sending keyboard commands to a focused X window. I've been writing a 
> MythRemote for my n800 internet tablet and I'm using the Mythfrontend 
> telnet control for sending commands to my frontend. I noticed that when 
> mplayer was focused commands were still sent to the frontend. I created 
> this patch to provide a means to send x commands to the focused window. 
> It adds the xkey command (behaves just like key). I also added a sub 
> command "focused" to retrieve the name of the x window that currently 
> has the focus. Its pretty rough, but I thought I'd send it out to get 
> some discussion started.
> I did have a couple questions for the list:
> 1. Is there a reason that we don't already provide a x key send?
> 2. Is there a reason that when we launch something from mythvideo it 
> blocks the mythfrontend process? I fixed this by forcing my video player 
> script to launch a backgrounded mplayer.
> Yolan
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