[mythtv] are there any early previews of new UI?

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Wed Sep 3 16:12:49 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 03 September 2008 13:51:10 Nick Morrott wrote:
> Is the hanging file information box part of a widget, or part of the
> theme? Can it be moved elsewhere or resized where it doesn't obscure
> any part of the image below? It could just be me wanting a clean
> interface, but it looks "messy" the way it is in the screenshot.

It's part of the theme. I happen to quite like it but it was prompted by 
someone pointing at a nearly identical effect in another media centre. I was 
making a point that mythui could do the same thing - have a selected button 
larger than others, containing more or different information.

If you want to know just what is part of the widget and what isn't - the 
second mythgallery screenshot, with reflections on a black background is 
exactly the same screen. No code modifications, the differences are purely in 
the theme.

> At the top right, there is also some text peeking from behind the
> thumbnails - what does the text say, and should it be visisble always?
> Can it be removed if the thumbnails are going to cover it, as in the
> screenshot?

It's the clock, yes, when finished it won't be visible or it will appear 
elsewhere on the page so that it doesn't get hidden from view.
Stuart Morgan

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