[mythtv] CUDA Code for nvidia cards

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Tue Oct 28 20:41:58 UTC 2008

I've just been reading a paean of praise in Linux Journal for the CUDA 
code which apparently is the neatest thing since sliced bread, and grows 
  hair on your *head* (since most of us are old enough to consider hair 
-there- as a ...waste). Apparently, CUDA unleashes the power of the GPU 
to speed up video/ray tracing/modelling etc. etc.

I assume, since the article does not explain, that this involves writing 
  code in a particular manner that it is diverted from the CPU to the 
GPU for calculation purposes (and presumably returned pre-digested for 

Does anyone have any idea how this actually works, and any idea whether 
CUDA style code could possibly be of any use in mythtv?

I note in passing that Geforce chipsets from about the 8300 on, are CUDA 
capable, and that CUDO capabilities are presently built into the latest 
nvidia drivers. I also note that this is an 'on top of' XvMC, not an 
'instead of'.


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