[mythtv] CC benchmarks and procedure list ? Was: how would one speed up the channel changing in mythtv ?

Linuxguy123 linuxguy123 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 19 19:00:31 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-10-19 at 11:22 -0700, Rob Smith wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 19, 2008 at 9:01 AM, Linuxguy123 <linuxguy123 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > What gets measured gets fixed.  I haven't looked at the mythtv source
> > code yet.  Has anyone installed timer stubs to log how long each of the
> > steps in a channel change takes ?  Do we really know why mythtv is
> > slow ?
> Okay... How do you even know it's slow? 

I've talked to several people who state that mythtv is a bit irritating
for live tv surfing and watching.  I've read other posts claiming it
takes 5 to 6 seconds to change channels.  I would consider it slow. 

> I take around half a second
> after my ir blaster finishes for the channel to update. The ir blaster
> takes about a second and a half to two seconds. 

Hmmm... the CW3000/4000 take about a second from the time the remote
button is pressed until the new channel is displayed.   Maybe the ir
code needs reworking ?

Lets not split hairs here... it shouldn't take 3 seconds from the time
you push the remote button until you see the new channel. 

> It sounds like you
> never used myth and you're going on the say so of random folks who
> might not have a clue, or might have things setup incorrectly or any
> number of problems.

You might want to search and read some posts in this group and the
mythtv users group.  I don't think those people are random.

> Just listening to other people that myth is 'slow' when you have
> strict requirements seems silly. You should be doing the work to test
> it out and see if it meets your needs or not, and if not, look at the
> code yourself.

I'll be doing just that.

> This is the development channel, but that doesn't mean we're here to
> tackle any project any random person wants to get into.

I agree.

> You're gonna need to get your hand dirty, that's just the nature of a
> volunteer based open source project.

I'm fully prepared to do that.  

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