[mythtv] imdb replacement? themoviedb.org

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Thu Nov 13 21:50:04 UTC 2008

> 1) TMDb is actually based on OMDB just with an easier to use API and a
> focus around fan art and posters. As a media center enthusiast myself,
> I've been able to tailor TMDb to be more of a "resource for media center
> enthusiasts BY a media center enthusiast".

Yes, I did read the information pages on your site and glanced at the forum.

> 2) All of the content on TMDb has originated from 3 sources. OMDB,
> movie-xml.com and user submitted. We don't do any scraping, nor do we
> plan to based on as you mentioned, ticket #27.

My only point is that your initial response to the feature request
wasn't "no that violates IMDb's terms of service and probably copyright
law and will never happen".


> 3) Further to my point #3, were you under the impression after reading
> ticket #27 we _were_ going to start scraping IMDb?


> I thought that ticket
> was pretty clear that we were never going to do this. We want our
> content to be 100% user generated much like Wikipedia.

Which is exactly what we are looking for, I had hoped to find it. My 
worry is that some percentage of that content is generated from that 
highly creative process involving both copying and pasting.

> In regards to what I consider to be "abuse" well, yesterday a couple of
> IP's were scraping every single page on our site. That's abuse. XBMC
> hits our API around 8000 times a day. That's NOT abuse. I wouldn't very
> concerned with this. If you stay legit there's no worry of anything
> happening.

For any script actually packaged with MythTV, published terms will be 
complied with. If this currently is limited to not scrapping the whole 
site it would not be a problem.

> Hope that clears some stuff up, all I am trying to do is create the
> best open source movie data round and unlike other choices out there
> make it as easy as possible for developers and applications like Myth
> use that data.

Most of the clarification was directed at bits that were clear. Mine was 
a process objection not a result one.

I have some of the same worries about omdb.org. There are user 
submissions of copyrighted material, taken directly from IMDb, in 
omdb.org data. omdb.org at least has a copyright abuse address, the 
usual notice about movie posters and has some evidence of cleaning out 
bad submissions (though somewhat less than thoroughly).

I'm not sure if wagering against C-61 (or similar) or the EUCD is safe.

Anduin Withers

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