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Travis Bell travisbell at me.com
Thu Nov 13 22:01:03 UTC 2008

Hey Anduin,

Great, glad that cleared some issues up.

Being in the early stages I've still been drafting these policies you  
speak of. I can assure you that should anyone show me some copyright  
abuse I will respond to it. Much like OMDB/TheTVDB, I have licensed  
this data as CC Attribution. As time moves forward my hope is that  
with more and more users, contributors etc... there will be kind of a  
"core" editor team that can assist with these duties.

If you have any more questions please fire away.

I've just made some more updates to the API, you can now pull cast  
data and genre's down so hopefully we'll see some integration between  
TMDb and MythTV :-P


Travis Bell

On 14/11/2008, at 8:50 AM, Anduin Withers wrote:

>> 1) TMDb is actually based on OMDB just with an easier to use API  
>> and a
>> focus around fan art and posters. As a media center enthusiast  
>> myself,
>> I've been able to tailor TMDb to be more of a "resource for media  
>> center
>> enthusiasts BY a media center enthusiast".
> Yes, I did read the information pages on your site and glanced at  
> the forum.
>> 2) All of the content on TMDb has originated from 3 sources. OMDB,
>> movie-xml.com and user submitted. We don't do any scraping, nor do we
>> plan to based on as you mentioned, ticket #27.
> My only point is that your initial response to the feature request
> wasn't "no that violates IMDb's terms of service and probably  
> copyright
> law and will never happen".
> http://meticulo.lighthouseapp.com/projects/17044/tickets/27-imdb-lookup-when-adding-movie
>> 3) Further to my point #3, were you under the impression after  
>> reading
>> ticket #27 we _were_ going to start scraping IMDb?
> No.
>> I thought that ticket
>> was pretty clear that we were never going to do this. We want our
>> content to be 100% user generated much like Wikipedia.
> Which is exactly what we are looking for, I had hoped to find it. My
> worry is that some percentage of that content is generated from that
> highly creative process involving both copying and pasting.
>> In regards to what I consider to be "abuse" well, yesterday a  
>> couple of
>> IP's were scraping every single page on our site. That's abuse. XBMC
>> hits our API around 8000 times a day. That's NOT abuse. I wouldn't  
>> very
>> concerned with this. If you stay legit there's no worry of anything
>> happening.
> For any script actually packaged with MythTV, published terms will be
> complied with. If this currently is limited to not scrapping the whole
> site it would not be a problem.
>> Hope that clears some stuff up, all I am trying to do is create the
>> best open source movie data round and unlike other choices out there
>> make it as easy as possible for developers and applications like Myth
>> use that data.
> Most of the clarification was directed at bits that were clear. Mine  
> was
> a process objection not a result one.
> I have some of the same worries about omdb.org. There are user
> submissions of copyrighted material, taken directly from IMDb, in
> omdb.org data. omdb.org at least has a copyright abuse address, the
> usual notice about movie posters and has some evidence of cleaning out
> bad submissions (though somewhat less than thoroughly).
> I'm not sure if wagering against C-61 (or similar) or the EUCD is  
> safe.
> -- 
> Anduin Withers
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