[mythtv] Storage Groups - OK to move files between directories in same group ?

Albert Graham agraham at g-b.net
Mon Mar 17 15:19:27 UTC 2008


Well, you're right, I'm also trying to keep the machine as cool as 
possible when there is no need for it to be hot, just because drives are 
spinning, the drive temps run about 55C which is close to the spec of 
60C, this is because they are packed so close to each other, also, when 
I umount and  spin these drives down  (e.g. sdparm -C stop /dev/sdb), 
the machine is almost silent, two small fans behind the drive enclosures 
(controlled by sensors) spin down to silent mode and the drive temps 
drop to about 25C
(when spun down).

The QX9650 Quad Core runs at 19c when myth backend is recording 
(@33Ghz), and 25c (@4Ghz)

I do have a separate frontend (laptop sitting on top of my Sky box (UK).

You can also see I've got a mega fan which runs about 600rpm (and is 
practically silent - speed is controller manually from the front (below 
the water tank). This fan is absolutely amazing.

--- warning 4MB images -----


It's a mega monster Mythbox, but its so quite (except when 10 drives are 


David Backeberg wrote:
> If your actual problem is that this system is noisy, perhaps a better
> solution is to move the machine somewhere else and use a quiet
> lightweight mythfrontend, like a mac mini. (It sounds like money isn't
> an object if you just bought 10x 1TB drives and a system to power
> them.) I'm not sure the problem you're trying to solve is your real
> problem.
> On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 5:49 AM, Albert Graham <agraham at g-b.net> wrote:
>> Hi,
>>  I'm using MythTV v0.21, I love the idea of storage groups, in my case I
>>  have 10x1TB drives, two are raid 0, and 8 are raid5,
>>  Now this machine is rather noisy with all 10 drives hammering away, so I
>>  setup my default Recording storage group as follows:-
>>  /disk1 (raid0 2TB)
>>  /disk2 (raid5 7TB)
>>  At night time, I, unmount the /disk2 array, which forces MythTV to
>>  record on to /disk1 (even if it writes to /disk2 as that mount point is
>>  on disk1.
>>  My question is, is it OK to move the new nightly recordings from /disk1
>>  to /disk2 (once mounted), both /disk1 and /disk2 are in the same storage
>>  group ?
>>  I've tried this and I pretty sure it works OK, except now and again I
>>  get program listings like "_NO_TITLE_" and when I try play it says file
>>  not found ?, no "I"nfo is available for the file - except length in
>>  minutes.
>>  Assuming I cannot do this because the path is hardcoded in the database,
>>  can anyone post a short sql cmd that corrects the path from old to new
>>  so I can build a script that updates the database as it moves the files.
>>  Thanks in advance.
>>  Albert.
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