[mythtv] Possible argument issue in GetCurrentChannelNum()

Andrew Meredith andrew at anvil.org
Tue Mar 11 16:55:14 UTC 2008

Hi Folks,

I have just been upgraded to 0.21 by the atrpms repository. So far the 
upgrade has been quite bumpy, but I have come across what was for a 
while a showstopper. The capture card in charge of my Sky Box would no 
longer record anything. The issue seemed to be that it couldn't tune to 
the initial channel:

Channel(/dev/video0) Error: GetCurrentChannelNum(106): Failed to find
Channel(/dev/video0)::TuneTo(106): Error, failed to find channel.

I suspect there might be a bit of a confusion in

On closer inspection of the source code around this error message I am 
wondering if there is a confusion around channel number and channel name.

It is declared with a QString argument called "name"
The "name" argument is compared with curList[i].name

However, it is called from Channel::TuneTo with a QString called 
"channum" which appeared to be derived from the channel number.

I eventually got round it by firing up mythtv-setup on the machine 
hosting the card for the Sky box. Running down to "Input Connections". 
Selecting the connection relevant to the Sky box and blanking out the 
box "Preset tuner to channel". Once the backend was restarted, the 
problem went away.

I hope this proves useful.

Andy M

PS I you reply, please Cc: me direct as I don't read this list
    very often.


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