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Fri Jul 11 04:40:59 UTC 2008

Thanks David.

I notice the R5000 uses the free Titan EPG, but I read somewhere that Myth uses one you have to pay for.  Is it not possible to use the actual DishNetwork EPG with MythTV?  It seems that Dish's EPG should be there in the stream.  I am concerned about the accuracy and timeliness of a third-party EPG.

If only the Myth program guide can be used, where in the program-chain is it integrated, and how is it presented?  Can recording changes be made remotely via a web interface?

Next month Dish will be turning off mpeg2 for HD.  I guess Myth gets the pure unencrypted transport stream and records it. (I'll be using a ViP211, which is a Dish single-tuner HD IRD)  I'd like to actually store programs in BluRay format, as it seems that would likely have the best longevity and compatibility.  

Is it possible to have Myth automatically transcode from TS to BD in background, and store the result where I assign?  I am just starting the build of my HTPC, so where should the power be for this system?  In the video card, or CPU, or memory, etc?  Recommendations for components?  Remote?  I'll have a full-sized box (MonCaso 932) and trust Asus more than Gigabyte, Seagate more than WD, Crucial more than Kingston.  Will be running Myth over Kubongo (or Kubuntu, or whatever the kids call it these days), and have run Debian exclusively for ten years on all my systems.  

Can commercials indeed be eliminated automatically?  How reliable is this?  When watching live TV do video and audio ever get out of sync?  Is there any sort of delay?  I recently saw a Myth install in person, and the menu's text was way too small.  Is this adjustable by mere mortals?

What is this CoreAVC thing, and how come its function isn't built-in to Myth?  Can't Myth have everything?

I gotta say, I've been looking forward to this system for several years.

Best, Carl

On Thursday 10 July 2008 6:34:13 David George wrote:
> The -users list would be more appropriate as it sounds like you have a 
> question regarding the use of the R5000.  But you aren't completely 
> wrong by asking here because the R5000 support isn't included in myth 
> yet.  You need to apply a patch and build from source.  I have an R5000 
> modified Directv receiver and it works well for me.  What are your 
> questions?

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