[mythtv] Status Question: Is current SVN useable?

David Backeberg dbackeberg at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 20:09:47 UTC 2008

Aside from the reasons already given, (deferring to Isaac, more bugs
to fix, etc.) I also think the documentation isn't quite ready. When
Myth makes a release, I believe there is usually a guide of the sort
that came with .20.2 that mentioned the changes to expect and how to
use them. People who aren't code hackers and bug smooshers can help
out in that area. I know when I went from 20.2 to SVN I noticed tables
added to database and some other things.

But honestly, I would personally love to see a release myself. I'm
another long time user who wanted feature X and thus required jumping
to SVN. One thing that I've wanted (aside from mythweather) is a more
integrated Mythflix setup. I've decided that I should put up or shut
up, and thus joined the dev list to see how hard it would be to just
do this myself and submit a patch.

On Jan 21, 2008 2:50 PM, Kevin Fox <Kevin.Fox at pnl.gov> wrote:
> So, if SVN is the most stable, and has a ton of bug fixes/new features,
> why not just release it as is? Release Early, Release Often, has its
> benefits. Why not make the 2 months from now release 0.22? What would it
> hurt? It would allow people to just "apt-get update" (or whatever) all
> the hard work that was added to Myth, that is out of reach of a lot of
> people.
> Kevin
> On Sun, 2008-01-20 at 21:28 +0000, Stuart Morgan wrote:
> > On Sunday 20 January 2008 20:32:57 Reza Naima wrote:
> > > But I am at a personal crossroadds and wanted advise in helping make a
> > > decision as I've not followed the lists closely for ages and wanted to
> > > see why the normal stream of newer versions stopped, and what expect
> > > down the pipeline.
> >
> > There are multiple reasons why 0.21 has been so long in the making and I would
> > probably struggle to find a single one on which everyone could agree.
> >
> > One of the major ones is that Isaac, the lead dev, has been too busy for the
> > last few months to be actively involved in development. Since Isaac has
> > always been the driving force behind setting target dates for new releases
> > we've been a little slow to set a deadline. Many developers run trunk on
> > their production machines (yes, it's that stable). Most of us have forgotten
> > what 0.20 was like and we've no personal motivation to release a new version.
> >
> > Another reason is that whilst the project grows in size the number of active
> > developers hasn't kept pace, if anything there might be less people making
> > commits now than there was a year ago. That doesn't mean the project is
> > stagnating, far from it, but there is a massive backlog of tickets to work
> > through.
> >
> > Although 0.20 couldn't be described as feature complete, it was the first
> > release where many of the must-have features had finally been implemented,
> > it's quite natural once you reach that point for subsequent releases to be
> > fewer and further between.
> >
> > There are simply too many changes, big and small since 0.20 to remember them
> > all, but many are significant. SVN is probably the most stable version of
> > mythtv we've ever had, even accounting for some of the recent instability
> > caused by some major changes (backend auto-discovery and multirec). We're
> > probably less than 2 months from a release now, we've set an arbitrary target
> > in mid to late Feb but I should make clear that the date is NOT FINAL.
> >
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