[mythtv] Ticket #4422: when linking errors occur while loading plugins, the errors are not displayed correctly

Andrei Tanas andrei at tanas.ca
Sat Jan 5 18:23:43 UTC 2008

> Matthew Wire wrote:
> >> don't know if it works because the build is borked in
> >> libs/libmythtv/importicons.cpp
> >>
> > If you tell someone the error you're getting when compiling this bit
> > someone may be able to help you fix it...

MinGW does not have mkdir(const char *path, mode_t mode); in sys/stat.h,
only mkdir(const char *path) in io.h.
This can be solved by #define mkdir(x, y) mkdir(x). Don't insert it in
compat.h though, this will conflict with some QT class methods.

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