[mythtv] 3 problems with mytharchive (2 solved - patch provided)

Guillaume Laurès guillaume-laures at neuf.fr
Wed Feb 20 23:05:17 UTC 2008

Le 20 févr. 08 à 17:55, Daniel Kristjansson a écrit :

> On Wed, 2008-02-20 at 15:51 +0100, Guillaume Laurès wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Since december I quite heavily use the mytharchive to burn
>> on DVDs shows recorded with my DVB-T cards.
>> The mythburn.py script is really a clever thing, but I had 3 problems
>> with it.
> <snip>
> For each problem open a ticket at svn.mythtv.org, attaching svn diff
Problem 1: I'm not yet finished searching if the problem already  
exists... and I 'm a bit lost since my version is quite old actually.
Against which version should I post a patch ? stable 0.20.2, latest ?

Problem 2 was ticket #3282 already.
One though: it was fixed 11 months ago, but still my 20.2 did not  
include it. Is there a way to help backport this kind of stuff ?  
#4537 is really cool too.

Problem 3 is new, going to open this one.

Problem 4 I need to investigate more.

> patches against the trunk for the problems you've solved. I don't know
> who maintains the the mythburn.py or if it has been replaced by
> MythArchive, but I know patches get lost on the mailing list. (I don't
> do any archiving myself.)
paulh seems to be active on this file, and as far as I understand it  
is actually part of mytharchive.

>> Anyway, thanks for your unvaluable software !
> Heh, I hope you mean "invaluable" :)

Oops, yes indeed


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