[mythtv] committing to .21-fixes and HEAD branches before release?

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Sun Feb 17 06:31:48 UTC 2008

> 1. Is that nightly US East coast, US West coast, Australia or UK time - or
> maybe NZ pacific since there are developers in all these places as far as
> I know?

It isn't nightly, that was an idea that wasn't implemented. If it were
nightly my bet would be on whenever night happens for Isaac Richards

> 2. Is there any difference between the two and if so how the heck do I
> find out - and if there is no difference why do we have a branch already?

There are differences, you can find out by looking at the commits list. If
the curiosity is still unbearable you can use svn diff.

I'd expect more commits like [16113] though.

> 3. Assuming there is a difference, should those of us tracking SVN be
> testing TRUNK or .21-fixes since the feedback from us is a large part of
> what finds the bugs...

If you want to help test what will be released as 0.21 you should be running
branches/release-0-21-fixes, it doesn't matter how close it is or isn't to

Anduin Withers 

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