[mythtv] committing to .21-fixes and HEAD branches before release?

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Sun Feb 17 05:39:28 UTC 2008

>> Why not wait and sync .21-fixes with head the day that .21 is actually
>> released rather than trying to commit to both?  I've seen things go in
>> fixes that haven't gone in head and vica versa.
> There was talk of a nightly 0.21-fixes to head merge, which should explain
> many of the "committed to 0.21-fixes but not to head" instances.
> It will be back in sync, eventually.

Got a few more questions about this:

1. Is that nightly US East coast, US West coast, Australia or UK time - or
maybe NZ pacific since there are developers in all these places as far as
I know?

2. Is there any difference between the two and if so how the heck do I
find out - and if there is no difference why do we have a branch already?

3. Assuming there is a difference, should those of us tracking SVN be
testing TRUNK or .21-fixes since the feedback from us is a large part of
what finds the bugs...

Robin Gilks

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