[mythtv] EIT events on program change

David Birch david.birch at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 10:22:14 UTC 2008

  i have traced an issue down to something in EIT when watching live tv.
The scenario is while watching live tv, when one program finished & another
starts frontend freezes on the last frame before a program change - the
frontend process doesn't hang - i can press esc & then click to watch live
tv again straight away & all is ok.

The tuner i'm having trouble with is a hauppauge nova-t-500, using v4l
drivers built from source.

Is there something mythtv does when a program changes that concerns EIT ? Or
can anyone point me in remotely the right direction - i haven't coded C for
a decade or so but i might be able to trace what happens if i know where to


PS, EIT does actually work when enabled, as i can fill program schedule data
purely from EIT, so i gather it works in some capacity, albeit with some
issues like the mentioned one.
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