[mythtv] VOD and MythTV - how to make a live TV file

Richard Ablewhite richard.ablewhite at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 09:26:15 UTC 2008


Im currently in the early stages of putting together a video on demand
feature to MythTV, completed a quick proof of concept.

In the proof of concept the system works using fairly standard
methods, an RSS file describes all available content pointing to XML
files for each vid. XML files are parsed and then all links checked.
Then the script creates MythTV menus using exec to launch the player.
Video compressed in 15 meg chunks will be downloaded, the first file
decompressed and then streamed to mplayer. It takes about 20secs on a
4 meg connection to download the first file and start streaming, not
great but certainly usable.

Once this initial version is done (prob tonight) i want to Myth things
up a bit. First stage will be to replace playing files with mplayer to
converting them into a format suitable for the internal player. My
question is how MythTV handles growing files, if I get mencoder to
convert the video whilst downloading into mpeg2 and dump to a file,
and then play the mpeg2 file with the command mythtv will the player
treat it like a live tv file and show the growing progress bar and
allow skipping through the file? Are there any other formats other
than mpeg2 that myth will do this for that mencoder can easily spit


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