[mythtv] Recording schedule woes

Mircea Marghidanu mirceam at nervus.org
Mon Feb 11 08:02:32 UTC 2008


I want to record a tv series, but I have some weird issues...
While trying to make a schedule from the listing, it only takes one 
episode (probably because the listing name is "WhateverSeries (25)". 
Even if I choose to record every showing of that episode, it still 
appears once in the upcoming recordings.
The other option is of course the manual recording. That one works fine, 
except that the series is not showing in fridays, and I just cannot make 
it not record it.

So, i would have a couple of suggestions...
1st for the listing one: set the subtitle to be the episode number and 
keep the name to be just the name of the episode (instead of name 
(episode) )
2nd for the manual one: be able to choose on what days it airs (like 
some checkboxes, kinda like the way you set the recurring alarm on your 
mobile phone).

Almost forgot... this is in mythweb

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