[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1104: multi channel audiosupport

Mark Spieth mark at digivation.com.au
Thu Feb 7 06:01:56 UTC 2008

> --enable-liba52bin --disable-decoder=ac3 --enable-decoder=liba52
> Right?

I think so. havent tried it myself for ages.

> If I do that the clicks and pops go away --- now I get silence with
> any of my ATSC (HDTV) shows.  It does not matter if I have timestretch
> enabled or not.
> It does seem to work with the shows I have recorded using my PVR-500,
> though.  Even the PVR-500 shows had clicks and pops without the liba52
> enabled.

now we might be getting somewhere.
I suspect the ac3_sync in internal ac3dec may not be behaving itself 
can you do a test with audio,timestamp and libav enabled (only short) and 
make the log available please.
just use internal as we dont really care about liba52 I suspect (I may be 

> > also what was the last patch worked?
> Actually, this is the first time I have tried any of the patches on
> this ticket.  Can you give me a list of candidate or should I just
> start bisecting the version?

dont worry about this as they wont apply well anyway as the ones I wanted to 
test are quite old (say pre december when I added freesurround).


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