[mythtv] Screen Size Setup Wizards (nee MythAppearance plugin)

Justin Hornsby justin at mythtvthemes.co.uk
Tue Feb 5 09:00:31 UTC 2008

Hi folks.

Now that I've managed my original goal (to put the GUI size helper 
gadget into mythfrontend rather than as a plugin - sorry for the 
breakage yesterday) it's time to document it.  I will of course be 
adding this information into the wiki today but here it is for the 
benefit of the list.

The wizard uses two arrows to mark the visible edges of the screen.  
Each arrow is moved with the cursor keys.  Use the SELECT key to 
alternate between the top left & bottom right onscreen arrows. (I 
thought about showing both onscreen at the same time but didn't think it 
was really necessary).

Pressing MENU brings up a popup menu which allows the movement amount (1 
or 10 pixels) to be toggled.  It also allows the new GUI size/offset 
adjustments to be saved or reset to fullscreen (either will force a 
theme reload that kicks mythfrontend back to the main menu).

There are two known limitations:

One limitation to this implementation is that the GUI can only be 
resized downwards.  This limitation is caused by the inability of a qt 
app to draw outside its own window and is overcome by using the 'reset 
screen size' menu option.  This resets GUI X & Y size and X & Y offsets 
to zero, effectively making mythfrontend full screen.  A theme reload 
will occur & the user is taken back to the main menu.

The other limitation is that using a geometry override when running 
mythfrontend does not allow the wizard to operate correctly.  If the GUI 
size needs to be changed, run without the geometry override.

So far I've only had one report of a problem - this amounted to the 
tester using a TV which was less flat than I'd anticipated when I 
decided on the onscreen arrow size.  I'll probably update the onscreen 
arrows with bigger images in due course.

The wizard brings a new themable xml file (appear-ui.xml) - it's simple 
enough not to need any explanation.  The fonts used in the ui file are 
set there as with other default ui files but that will  change when more 
base fonts are defined in base.xml for themes.

Finally I'd like to thank everybody involved for their patience and for 
all the hints that helped me along the way.  Also special thanks go to 
Stuart Morgan for converting the original plugin to mythui.



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