[mythtv] question about changeset 11403

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Feb 3 19:14:06 UTC 2008

On 02/03/2008 02:05 PM, Scott D. Davilla wrote:
> Just a comment, it seems that CC is always decode even if not 
> displayed. The CC decode is take about 5-10 percent of my 1GHz 
> pentium-m for ATSC from of-the-air .  Is there any ramification with 
> not doing the CC decode unless actually displaying CC info?

I noticed a while ago that when I had -v vbi enabled and I paused 
playback of a recording, the captions  continued to decode (and were 
printed to the log).  I assumed it was just a bug related to the logging 
(i.e. playback was paused, but somehow the logging "forgot" to pause 
caption decoding), and looking into it is on my list, but it's not high 
priority, so I haven't gotten around to it, yet.

I was thinking--though I don't remember for sure--that if I had not yet 
enabled captions during playback, they were not decoded/logged (though, 
even if that's the case, it may have changed since then).


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