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Will Tatam will at netmindz.net
Fri Feb 1 12:58:19 UTC 2008

Bill Williamson wrote:
> On 1/29/08, Rob Smith <kormoc at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Jan 28, 2008 12:28 PM, Will Tatam <will at netmindz.net> wrote:
>>> It's so sad that the great work done on myth takes so long to see the
>>> light of day for most users. Given the fast moving pace of multimedia
>>> stuff myth should get new features released once every 6 months.
>> The last release of myth (0.20.2) was in August 07, 6 months from then
>> is Feb 2008, which is around the currently thought release date. Might
>> want to research a little before bitching about something that is
>> already done...
> You're picking nits a bit.
> .20.2 is a point release, not a full release, and its main change was
> to use schedulesdirect.  As a non-US user I DID upgrade, but there
> were no changes that really affected me (not counting bugfixes).
> .20.1 was in april 2007, and it also was mainly a release for HDHR
> users.  With a better architecture (not a criticism, just a comment!)
> it would have been a "module" upgrade, not a release.
> So while the current release version of myth is awesome, and
> appreciated by all users, it HAS been a long time since a full
> release.  From following this list I understand why this is the case,
> but it's really been almost a year and a half since a non-bugfix
> non-emergency (SD) release.
> Unreleased .21 (svn) has a TON of new ideas and changes, and thus is
> taking a long time to come out.  A big problem myth has right now is
> the "dual attitude" of it.
> Attitude 1:
> If you want stability, run current release.  That is the "official"
> version.  SVN is for testers, not for daily use.
> Attitude 2:
> SVN is the "current" version.  It runs great for me.  Just don't be
> suprised if it OCCASIONALLY breaks.
> Both of these attitudes are displayed on the -users list by devs and
> "helpers," which confuses a lot of people.
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Couldn't have put it better myself :-)

Will Tatam

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