[mythtv] Problems with Win32 port script

Jonathan Martens jonathan at snetram.nl
Sun Aug 17 09:43:10 UTC 2008

buzz wrote:
> Thanks all for your feedback...   the issues you are raising are 
> typically as a result of the fact that the evelopment version of mythtv 
> is a "moving target", so whenever it changes radically , it risks 
> affecting the capacity to build it on the win32 platform (because there 
> are very few developers developing on the win32 platform).     Thanks 
> for your feedback.... 

Here is another suggestion. Since I have already installed MySQL, but 
not in the default location, but still added to my path.

I would love it if you could define a variable for it (at the top off 
the script) to override the default assumption, still hard-coded in the 

Extra points if you could try and detect the path to mysql using 
something like this:

  which mysql.exe

Or if no occurrence off mysql is found in the path environment using 
something like this (which takes a bit longer than the previous off course):

  find /c/Program\ Files/ -name mysql.exe -type f

In case it is not found you can revert to the default value, but I 
prefer you would assign this to a variable (still).

Kind regards,


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