[mythtv] font char width on some osd lines

Mark Spieth mark at digivation.com.au
Wed Apr 23 06:15:29 UTC 2008

>Note, also, that the (eventual) plan is to change the OSD to use
>mythui.  When that's done, it's quite likely that the bug will be thrown
>out with the rest of the current OSD code.  Therefore, if you can get
>the workaround to work sufficiently well, ...
>If you're interested in working on the mythui conversion, Daniel K. and
>Stuart Morgan would probably be the best sources of information about
>the OSD and mythui, respectively.

I hadnt intended on doing that.
other things that are bugging me ATM are lirc slowdown since qt4 upgrade 
(1-2 secs per remote keypress very sluggish) and the few audio issues I know 
about are ahead on my priority list.
these include
initial timestretch issue
possible sync issues
an ac3 reenc issue (cant remember the details exactly)

there is also a funny occasional jerkiness in video where it seems to go 
half framerate for some reason. that is also annoying but not qt4 related.

anyone can add others. I should make a ticket for each of these so I dont 
I have to go over previous posts to double check.


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