[mythtv] length mismatch in programinfo on QT4

Gregorio Gervasio, Jr. gtgj at pacbell.net
Thu Apr 10 07:44:12 UTC 2008

>>>>> Kevin Kuphal writes:

k> Hi.  I just took the plunge to QT4 on my two FC6 systems.  The backend was a
k> clean compile of new sources (16983) and started up fine.  My frontend is a
k> brand new built FC6 frontend from the same revision but when I try to view
k> Watch Recordings I get an error of a mismatch in the length of programinfo
k> even though that struct hasn't changed in *forever*.  Any ideas why this
k> would be?  A verbose log from the system only shows the command to get the
k> PLAY list right before the error.  I checked by includes both in and out of
k> my source tree and both have 46 as the length.

        I ran into this problem, too.  In my case, it seemed to be
caused by some recordings with bad bookmarks.  After I did this in

update recorded set bookmark=0 where bookmark=127;

... the problem went away.  I haven't tried to debug it further than
Gregorio Gervasio, Jr.

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