[mythtv] Proposed work on MythVideo - Re-tool video-manager for large libraries, Add the concept of a 'series'

Eric ericgies at kabelfoon.nl
Thu Sep 27 20:15:58 UTC 2007

On Thursday 27 September 2007 15:55, Stuart Morgan wrote:
> Lots of people complain about the usability of things like MythVideo and
> how another application does it better, but few of them are prepared to
> make the changes themselves. It's like the crowd at a sports match shouting
> instructions at their team, ineffective and annoying. If you think you can
> improve things then come and play instead of shouting from the sidelines.

Great. I want to play. Wanted to play since 2004. 

But when I try to enter the playground, someone holds me back to read me a 
list of rules and regulations, to tell me I don't understand, and that the 
ball I bring isn't any good. And if I ask why, I don't get an answer. 

My point: from my own experience, the barrier for entry can be high. So 
standing along the sidelines doesn't mean you're not prepared to contribute. 
It doesn't mean you are screaming to. I'm just silently working on MythStream 


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