[mythtv] Bizzare repeating key behaviour

Ian Goldberg mythtv at paip.net
Mon Sep 24 14:54:10 UTC 2007

On Mon, Sep 24, 2007 at 10:19:46AM -0400, Ian Goldberg wrote:
> This is completely replicable.  It happens almost every single time you
> press a key.  *But!* not when you're actually watching a program.  While
> you're watching TV, both the keypress and the lirc work just fine.  (And
> irw reverts to the normal "mythfrontend not running" behaviour.)
> Any clue what might be causing this?  Is there some weird state the
> mythfrontend menus (but not the playback) are putting the machine in?

One more thing.  If I press keys on the remote (or on the actual
keyboard) which aren't bound to anything in the menu (like "8" or
"PAUSE"), the irw and libqt outputs are perfectly normal (just like when
mythfrontend isn't running, or when it's doing playback).  Only keys
that cause something to happen in the menus exhibit this behaviour.


   - Ian

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