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Thu Sep 20 15:16:44 UTC 2007

offer windows software for configuration and can deliver data in
XMLTV format. I would have tested this by now but I cannot. I
have no windows machines and do not intend to set one up to test
your service. As MythTV is linux based, there would either need
to be a linux client or web based client in order to make the
largest number of MythTV users available to you as potential

The myth suite includes an app "mythfilldatabase" to import listings
data into our MySQL database to be used by other myth* programs.
This can already accept an XMLTV file as an arg or even a file
in the native DataDirect format so properly formatted data from
your service could be used right away. If your service authenticates
through to grab native DataDirect bundles then
we should be able to add this as a native grabber for mfdb to make
the grab directly rather than grabbing a file then feeding it to

Data excluding Cast/Crew should work just as well for MythTV with
the exception, of course, for "People Search". I'd be curious to
see what is actually included in Listings Lite. I've worked on
scheduling features for myth for several years and was recently
forced to consider the relative value of different pieces of data
for scheduling purposes in MythTV. I can send this breakdown to
you in a separate message. However, one field is particularly
important for myth scheduling and can make or break the usefulness
of your service to myth users. This is the TMS per episode row
identifier "programid". The current XMLTV format stores this in
"episode-num" as the attribute "dd_progid". If this is not provided
we can still match episodes based on the subtitles and descriptions
but this is less accurate and would put listings from a source
without this data at a distinct disadvantage.

--  bjm

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