[mythtv] New Plugin MythPython and two new MythUITypes for libmythui

hendrixski at storsint.com hendrixski at storsint.com
Sat Sep 22 20:05:52 UTC 2007

>> l am developing a plugin for MythTV which I call MythPython. 
>> MythPython is a plugin, which allows you to create other 
>> gui-based plugins for mythtv using the script-language python.
> That's great news! Marion Limonciello created mythbuntu-control-centre
> [1] to make it easier to configure Mythbuntu. Since it's written in
> Python, it might be possible to recreate some of the functionality using
> your Python bindings to integrate it better with MythTV.

Xbox Media Center has a wealth of creativity because people can write
python scripts (which are easy) and make really amazing things. 
Lowering the barrier of entry for contributors has made it a success
story. Problem is Microsoft has deemed the project illegal, and they
work hard to make sure that every firmware update destroys peoples mods.

MythPython would solve this by allowing for people to make amazing mods
to mythtv just as easily as they can for the amazing xboxMC project, but
won't drive those contributors underground, and won't destroy their
stuff with each firmware update.  We would start to see people defect
from the xboxMC project to "Mythtv Media Center".

The next problem xbox_media_center has is the difficulty of installing
this crap.  Nobody wants to hack a proprietary box and then copy and
paste python scripts just to add new features.  What if there were a
control centre through which anybody (even the technologically
challenged) could click a button and install their choice of the latest
hot mods?

I think the mythbuntu-Control-Centre (with a little work) can do that. 
It has the ease of install of Ubuntu, and it can already enable/disable
existing plugins plus mythstream.  In the future it will have to expand
support to the better unofficial plugins that currently exist plus for
mature mods from mythpython.

To summarize:
xboxMC = ease of creating new mods
MythPython = freedom and ease to create mods

XboxMC = hard for non-mod'ers to use
mythBuntu = easy for non-moders to use

Mythpython + mythBuntu =  Wealth of new mods available for anybody to use

I hope somebody else who's thinking about this is jumping up and down
with excitement as well.

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