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> > You guys have any idea?
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> > I've got a 16:9 Plasma.  And, due to burn-in issues, I always stretch my
> 4:3
> > out to full screen (I know -- losing the aspect)
> > On some SD channels, they have been putting in 16:9 shows with bars on
> the
> > top and bottom.  I used to be able to change the aspect to 4:3 zoom (I
> > think), and I would have the SD, 4:3 video, in perfect aspect, full
> screen
> > on my 16:9 -- but, now in SVN, that seems to be gone.
> Set the aspect override to 16:9, it sounds like you always want this
> on so go to "Setup"->"TV Setting"->"Playback"->"General Playback (2/9)".
> Then when watching a double letterboxed video hit "W" twice to get to
> "Full Zoom". I think the old setting you were using was "16:9 Zoom".

I have the aspect override set -- but -- with either full or half zoom, the
horizontal edges get truncated past the screen.

I have found a solution -- I have to *not* set the override.  For example, I
have to have aspect override on *off*, then hit W twice to get to full zoom.

It's a real pain (for my particular setup).

Can you think of any easier ways to do this?  I don't want to turn off the
aspect override, or we'll start getting burnin (again).


David Frascone

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