[mythtv] Fwd: Aspect Question (svn -- probably a RTFM)

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Thu Sep 20 00:36:30 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-09-19 at 17:31 -0400, David Frascone wrote:
> You guys have any idea?
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> From: David Frascone <dave at frascone.com>
> Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 00:24:12 -0400
> Subject: Aspect Question (svn -- probably a RTFM)
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> I've got a 16:9 Plasma.  And, due to burn-in issues, I always stretch my 4:3
> out to full screen (I know -- losing the aspect)

> On some SD channels, they have been putting in 16:9 shows with bars on the
> top and bottom.  I used to be able to change the aspect to 4:3 zoom (I
> think), and I would have the SD, 4:3 video, in perfect aspect, full screen
> on my 16:9 -- but, now in SVN, that seems to be gone.

Set the aspect override to 16:9, it sounds like you always want this
on so go to "Setup"->"TV Setting"->"Playback"->"General Playback (2/9)".
Then when watching a double letterboxed video hit "W" twice to get to
"Full Zoom". I think the old setting you were using was "16:9 Zoom".

I was going to respond to your question in the users mailing list,
but then got distracted by other things. Please pass this along
when the next person asks.

FYI There is another patch in trac to add grey letterboxes for
plasma preservation: #3797. The patch won't apply cleanly right
now, but I hope to fix the patch in a couple days time...

-- Daniel

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