[mythtv] New Plugin MythPython and two new MythUITypes for libmythui

Johannes Leupolz joleu at web.de
Wed Sep 19 21:48:24 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 19 September 2007 22:39:58 Isaac Richards wrote:
The UIListTreeType was my next target to port. But my MythUITypes are really 
very buggy at this state of development. I tried to get viewable results as 
fast as possible. The UIManagedTreeListType was in my eyes more attractive to 
port, because it is used in many parts of MythTV. I rewrote much of its code 
but tried to keep its api. MythUIType has many disadvantages if you want to 
delete one child. I want to finish MythUILineEdit first. Is it still your 
main idea to port to the new MythUIType? I like how to use it, but it isn't 
easy to reimplement UITypes at places, where QT already does a really good 
job and to get results, where a new MythUITypes would do a job as good as QT 
from a quality point of view. I would appreciate any suggestions how to 
continue my work. 

On Wednesday 19 September 2007 22:39:58 Isaac Richards wrote:
> However, you're porting over the old UIManagedTreeListType, correct?  I
> would really prefer it if the basic tree type in libmythui were more like
> the old UIListTreeType (and so the new code would live on top of
> MythListButton), instead.  The API's much nicer/easier to use, and the
> intention was to deprecate the old ManagedTreeListType and not port that
> over to mythui.
> Isaac

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