[mythtv] first contribution

hendrixski hendrixski at storsint.com
Wed Sep 19 16:28:02 UTC 2007

>> Shall I  add them to the .h files (as I'm used to doing) or into  
>> the .cpp file
> If it is a base class, definitely in the header.
> That way, the derived classes use the same doco.
Alrighty.  From what little I saw so far MythGestures is probably the 
best code I've come across in my few minutes of browsing and I emulated 
the comments based on what I saw in that class.  I got a little help on 
IRC, but mostly it was the shock of not being in Java anymore (where one 
class = one file, and you can declare a class as private instead of just 
declaring it in the same .cpp file).

So basically now what is the next step?  I run diff on my file versus 
the one in the repo's?  Shall I add any parameters to diif?  Does SVN 
already include that kind of diff-output-to-patch functionality? And is 
there anything special I need to do when submitting the patch to the 
How will I know when the patch is applied?

I'm excited to be joining my first open source project.  Thanks for 
putting up with the newbie questions.

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