[mythtv] Theme Discrepancies

Matt skd5aner at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 22:49:43 UTC 2007


   I read every single thread on the commits list so that I can keep
track of the changes that go into myth, mainly so I can see the cool
new stuff and bug fixes and know when I should update to latest SVN.
Anyway, I've noticed a trend of where people put patches in that
affect themes, and they'll only update a select few of the themes.

Typically, it's the core themes packaged directly within myth.  A
patch will be submitted to include some new functionality, or even
maybe a bugfix, and all the themes within myth usually get addressed.
Most times, they'll even apply them to the "myththemes" branch.
However, sometimes they'll not do all the themes in the myththemes
branch, just a couple of them.  And rarely will they submit the patch
against those in the "themes" branch - for some reason this is out
there, and Justin is the only one (for the most part) applying patches
there.  No wonder he wanted to give it up -

Here's a few recent examples:
- Only did GANT, Blue, and default-wide.

- Only did minimalist-wide and Titivillus.

I know recently that with the myth-vid merge, that some changes were
made and Justin had to come back and make those changes to the
"themes" directory himself.  Just curious if it should be a
requirement for any theme/GUI related changes that those changes
should be required across all themes currently provided under the
svn.mythtv.org umbrella?

I don't think it's fair for those users to have less/broken/incomplete
functionality and not know it simply because a dev doesn't use or
didn't test the compatibility of his changes across themes.  Anyway,
just my 2 cents.  Keep up the good work devs, and I do like it when we
get new themes and GUI improvements.  All that under the covers stuff
is great, but the UI is what we see.


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