[mythtv] Ok, how do I start developing...

hendrixski at storsint.com hendrixski at storsint.com
Wed Sep 5 18:49:08 UTC 2007

You may find some answers here.  :-)

I've been reading it myself every now and then, and keep meaning to get
involved but I got sidetracked with Ubuntu packaging.  I was told a
while back that a good way to get started is by contributing a patch
which adds helpful comments to the code.  I hope that helps.

> Hi...
> First what I want to do:
> I would like the myth back end to check the client and, if necessary, 
> transcode the requested program so as to make it playable on the front 
> end box.  Specifically, I would like to transcode HD programs to be 
> played on a MVPMC box.
> But, has this already been done?
> Well, has it?  I know there are ways to make Low Definition players 
> work.  But, they are awkward and are not that transparent to the end 
> user.  (i.e. Use symbolic links with strange names and force VLC to do 
> the transcoding.)
> So, what is needed for "the elegant solution":
> I assume the best solution is to integrate autonomous transcoding into 
> the myth back end.  If true, what is needed (development platform, 
> source code, packages, libraries...).
> There, you know what I want to do and why - if there's already a 
> solution let's hear it.  If not - how do I go about making one?
> ...thanks

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