[mythtv] Ok, how do I start developing...

stuart stuart at xnet.com
Wed Sep 5 17:16:25 UTC 2007


First what I want to do:

I would like the myth back end to check the client and, if necessary, 
transcode the requested program so as to make it playable on the front 
end box.  Specifically, I would like to transcode HD programs to be 
played on a MVPMC box.

But, has this already been done?

Well, has it?  I know there are ways to make Low Definition players 
work.  But, they are awkward and are not that transparent to the end 
user.  (i.e. Use symbolic links with strange names and force VLC to do 
the transcoding.)

So, what is needed for "the elegant solution":

I assume the best solution is to integrate autonomous transcoding into 
the myth back end.  If true, what is needed (development platform, 
source code, packages, libraries...).

There, you know what I want to do and why - if there's already a 
solution let's hear it.  If not - how do I go about making one?


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