[mythtv] multiple frontends, same machine different users

Erez D erez0001 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 10:08:23 UTC 2007

i have a Linux box which is connected to a TV (display :0.1) and LCD 
(display :0.0) in different rooms.
i wanted to run two instances of mythfrontend, one for each (TV and LCD)
i tried with both same and different users.

i encountered the following bugs/needed-features.

1. the first instance of frontend works ok, the second doesn't find the 
backend. if i select 'continue with no backend', it continues ok, and i 
can watch both recorded and live tv (on both instances)

2. the configuration is held in the database per host, so even using 
different users will still yield both frondends having the same 
a hack may be of using 'HOSTNAME=bougusHostname mythfrontend' for one of 
the instances. will this work ?

3. probably a result of the same configuration used by both instances: 
both audios are sent to the same soundcard.


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