[mythtv] having problems with upnp on a netgear mp101

Lukas K lukas.kasprowicz at online.de
Mon Oct 29 07:39:00 UTC 2007

Am Montag 29 Oktober 2007 00:44:08 schrieb Daniel Burr:
> I myself have had a bit of a fiddle with libs/libmythupnp/upnpdevice.cpp
> to see if enabling the MediaReceiverRegistrar would help (it didn't).
> The only other functional changes that I can see from changeset 14250
> are:
> * the code that writes out a <deviceList> for embedded devices was
> commented out
> * some of the protocol strings changed from "*" to "DLNA.ORG...."
> Are you able to try reversing the above changes one at a time to see if
> they help?


I have not seen the previous discussions. Maybe you should try something like:


This is a revision that worked with the devices mentioned in the wiki. It 
seems when looking at the page there where no devices added.


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