[mythtv] Ticket #3676: Mythmusic enhancement - repeat/shuffle icon support - album art in playback screen

Bill level42 at sympatico.ca
Sun Oct 28 07:31:24 UTC 2007


For the album art patch, I thought it might be possible to show both in wide 
themes.  Also I had planned to propose a future patch that would show a 
spectrum analyzer bargraph on the playback box screen.  In this case I would 
want to show both a small specturm analyzer (smaller than current 
visualizer) as well as the album art.  I suspect the best way to implement 
the spectrum analyzer would be the visualizations since all the hooks are 
there.  For the spectrum analyzer option I would propose to add a option to 
force the spectrum visualizer (or a variant of it).  I think that both a 
small spectrum analyzer and album art could be fit, particularily in the 
wide themes.

If this seems reasonable, I can get to work on GUI checkbox option to force 
the playback box visual to the spectrum analyzer.

I am curious as to your "different implementation of the repeat/shuffle icon 
stuff".  Could you please elaborate?  Do you need any help with coding and 

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